August 2018 on JKWD Podcast

What’s going on over at JKWD this month

Episode 113: Franklin’s virtues

We’ve written about Benjamin Franklin’s virtues here, but we get a chance to discuss them and look a little more closely.



Episode 114: Ego, self-worth and humility

You were born, so you matter. We discuss ego, the part of the mind that is the “I” in I, and how to recognize a healthy balance within it.



Episode 115: Good Enough Now with Jess Pettitt

Jess is a stand-up comedian, academic, diversity trainer and author of Good Enough Now. Don’t wait until things are perfect. Just do what you can with what you have, and see if you can stop short of throat-punching someone.



Episode 116: Consistency

We discuss showing up consistently, over and over (yes, that’s the definition of consistency), even if it means finding some workarounds.

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