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Episode 29: Boost your confidence
Episode 28: Impostor syndrome
Episode 27: Agrippa’s trilemma
Episode 26: In praise of silence
Episode 25: Is comparison always bad?
Episode 24: What is patience, and how do you get it?
Episode 23: Sacred and undeniable
Episode 22: Do it for you
Episode 21: Keep your fantasies alive
Episode 20: Flag Day 2019
Episode 19: What are your ears feeding your brain?
Episode 18: Human improvement and ‘first world problems’
Episode 17: Memorial Day 2019
Episode 16: What makes us happy?
Episode 15: When is happiness?
Episode 14: Introduction to happiness
Episode 13: Kindness and compassion
Episode 12: The empathy of institutions
Episode 11: Systematizing a moral code
Episode 10: Introduction to empathy
Bonus episode: Mueller report
Episode 9: Election 2020, early edition
Episode 8: Restatement of purpose
Episode 7: Election recap, how not to be an asshole
Episode 6: Vote! Plus, a little catch-up
Episode 5: Seth Horan
Episode 4: Recovery, hanging
Episode 3: Impending
Episode 2: Back
Episode 1: Being a mensch
Episode 0: Statement of purpose