JKWD Podcast, April, 2019

What’s going on over at JKWD these days?

Episode 147: Power of 3 Leadership with Steven Mays

Through both his military and civilian careers, Steven Mays ran into good leaders and bad leaders, and when he boiled it down, he realized that there were a few things the good leaders had that the bad leaders were missing.

He detailed these in this short book, Power of 3: Lessons in Leadership, and brings us those lessons today. Don’t let the length of this podcast throw you — this was a wide-ranging conversation that just flew by. Enjoy!

'We have a dearth of good leadership in world, and we suffer for it.' -- Steven Mays #betterhumanhood #leadership Click To Tweet

Episode 148: What drives you?

What is your motivation for doing what you do? We delve into why you need a why.

A lot of times we are not fully in touch with our motivations to do something - @kelvinringold #betterhumanhood #notjustwords Click To Tweet

Episode 149: Control and letting go

What would happen if you decided to let go of some of the control you try to exercise on events in your life? Could you do it?



Episode 150: Affirmations

We get into affirmations, little reminders that you’ve been successful before so you can be successful again. Keep achieving and get closer to your goals!



Episode 151:

Habits can be good for you — meditation or exercise, for example — or bad for you, like smoking. But we know a few things about habits, like that you can only replace a habit with a habit, and how long it takes to form habits.

'I can't help it' is a habit' -- @kelvinringold #betterhumanhood Click To Tweet

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