JKWD Podcast, August 2019

Are you following along with JKWD? No? Well, good thing we’re posting stuff over here, too. Get listening!

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Here’s what you missed in August:

JKWD #165: Keys to master your mindset

A primary focus in Kelvin’s work is mindset coaching. Today, he gives us an overview of how to take control and master our mindsets.

JKWD #166: Stir it up

Are you starting to feel complacent? Stir up some … stuff.

JKWD #167: Finish

Do you start things and just not finish them? Did you ever think about why, or what it would take to finish?

JKWD #168: Love languages, personality tests and the real you

We talk about The 5 Love Languages, CliftonStrengths, Myers-Briggs, and other personality tests, and how they might be instructive, even if they don’t truly define who you really are.

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