October 2018 on JKWD Podcast

What’s going on over at JKWD this month

Episode 121: History and perspective, visiting Savannah

Kelvin spent a week with Josh in Savannah. They did a lot of walking, learned a lot of history, got some perspective, and maybe had a couple of beers.



Episode 122: It’s October! How are your goals?

The year is three-quarters over. How are you coming on what you set out to accomplish? Is it time to repurpose, or to start something new?



Episode 123: Chattin’ it up

We started this podcast with the notion that we have conversations that would be interesting to eavesdrop on, so we have one of those conversations. We talk about aging, death, politics, news and a bunch else.



Episode 124: Around the world with Matt Javit

Matt Javit and his wife, Nikki, always dreamed of traveling the world. Instead of putting it off until retirement or putting off careers until they could travel, the couple opted for a mid-career hiatus, with a plan to travel for three years.

We talk to Matt about planning and budgeting for the trip, how the couple keep their marriage strong while spending so much time traveling together, where to find some of the world’s best coffee and food, and what America’s super power is.



Episode 125: Long-term commitments and preparation

As Josh prepares to run a marathon he signed up for a year ago, we consider what it takes to commit to something long-term and prepare for it.

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