Better Humanhood

We like to share. It’s how we can best be of service to the biggest number of people. With that, you can catch up on everything we share:

The JKWD Podcast

The Josh and Kelvin World Domination (JKWD) Podcast is a weekly bit of awesome from Josh and Kelvin. Sometimes it’s us telling you about how we’re dominating our world and how you can, too. Sometimes it’s a guest sharing some awesomeness.

The Intensely Positive Podcast

The Intensely Positive Podcast is your weekly dose of intense positivity from The Prince of Positive himself, Mr. Kelvin Ringold. Sometimes he shares some nuggets of wisdom. Sometimes he brings on guests to share their wisdom.

The Better Human Podcast (formerly Josh: The Podcast)

The Better Humanhood podcast works to bring about a better world through analysis of current events through the lens of empathy and kindness, and allows Josh to work through building his own awesomeness so you can take the useful lessons.


• On, Josh writes about a wide variety of topics, from politics to tragedy to history and whatever else is floating around in his head.

• On, Kelvin writes about finding your inner optimist, your positive power, and all sorts of motivational topics.


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