September 2018 on JKWD Podcast

What’s going on over at JKWD this month:

Episode 117: You bring about what you think about

When you concentrate on something — and work hard toward it — you’ll find you get what you want.


Episode 118: I hope you dance

Dance. Laugh. Smile. Do something that brings you joy. Don’t feel shame in it.


Episode 119: The Power of the Possible with Valerie Groth, founder of Ryan Banks Academy

Valerie Groth was a school social worker in Chicago with a giant caseload. When one of her students was shot and killed, she knew she had to do more. She recently celebrated the opening of the Ryan Banks Academy, a tuition-free private school for underprivileged and under-served youth. She has big plans for the school’s growth.

Valerie talks to us about dreaming big, staying positive and making things happen, and also about having everything she could have asked for this year for her birthday.

This is how bad the violence is in Chicago »

Support the Ryan Banks Academy by donating via GoFundMe, via check or Paypal, or by purchasing a Sweet Ass Domination Deck from Rage Create.


Episode 120: Design your support system

Keep people and things around you that bring you joy, remind you of your accomplishments, and make you better.

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